Interesting Facts About MacBook 12in m7

Mac computers are prevalent among people in business and are known to be as very reliable and trustworthy. MacBook 12 in has several different models, each one that came after another is the best in every form. Products from apple have end-to-end encryption and are very much secure to use like you experience any privacy issues and less likely to be hacked.

MacBook 12in m7 is a laptop of this generation that has many good features and performance upgrades that will make you drool. Today we are going to discuss the facts about MacBook 12in m7.

What Colors Does MacBook 12in m7 Come In?

Well, this 12-inch MacBook comes in 4 different colors to choose from rose gold, space gold, gold, and silver. Women usually go for rose gold MacBook color whereas most men choose either gold or silver. Color choice tells a lot about a person, some choose a warmer color over a colder one. Choosing the best color sometimes sets the tone for a good working environment.

Color choice is a big deal for some people, MacBook does not come in hundreds of different colors but it does come in a modern look design with a 4 color option available to it. Many males might find rose gold feminine which is why it has other options like space gold and so on.

The Ultimate Storage And Ram Capacity

MacBook 12in m7 has an onboard SSD with a storage of 256GB by default with a speed of 1.2GHZ but you can upgrade it to 512Gb anytime. Other than that it has RAM of 8GB which can also be upgraded to 16GB max. All of these features are very much the same as compared to non-apple devices. So what’s the catch? Well, we all know people use apple devices and MacBook is the most secure device out there you only use your apple id on it.

A built-in SSD means your work experience will be a lot smoother, it takes less than a second to copy files and folders. When we talk about ram, it offers an 8GB LPDDR3 RAM of 1866MHz. 1866MHz means the ram will process functions much faster at a higher resolution. Non-apple devices have rams usually of 1333MHz but MacBook 12in m7 has 1866MHz of ram which means it is a high-end device. LPDDR3 means it is a multifunctional ram, it is optimized to handle multiple tasks at once. It gives your MacBook a higher performance, speed, and power efficiency.

Battery life

What makes this laptop unique and an interesting choice is its battery life. Its LPDDR3 RAM allows it to be more energy efficient. It comes very low battery and can stay up for up to 11 hours. This feature comes in use when you have a power outage in your area.

During that power outage time, you can easily work and perform different tasks on MacBook 12in m7 for full 8 hours and more. Having a lower battery life is always a concern but no worries as this laptop will exceed your expectations. Stream any movie you like or do heavy-duty tasks, this laptop’s battery can handle it all.

Graphics processor

It has intel HD graphics 615 processor that has a clock speed of 1050MHz. With three supported resolutions 1440 by 900, 1280 by 800, and 1024 by 640. All these things make its display look crisp and crystal clear. It has a dazzling display that can rival some of the razer blade laptops. It has been said that the blurrier the image, the more pressure it causes in your eye.

When you are seeing a blurry image or video, your eye struggles to make it clear, and when it could not so it gets tired. When you are looking at a clearer image or video, you are less likely to develop eye disease. All these factors combined make it a perfect choice for multiple business tasks.


Not all laptops come with a good quality built-in webcam, but MacBooks do. This MacBook has a 480p webcam. This 480p facetime camera is great for zoom calls, google meets, and skype video calls. 480p is a moderate quality that is good for video calls and meetings. You would not want your video to look bad or dark at the same time so this MacBook offers you a good amount of pixels to make you look good in the meetings.

A full-size keyboard

Its a full-size keyboard with LED backlights, that includes 12 function keys and 4 arrow keys. It has a force-touch trackpad for a smother cursor experience and pressure-sensing capabilities which include: accelerators, multi-touch gestures, and more.

It provides you with the most comfortable typing experience, no matter if you are a writer, video editor, or gamer, this keyboard is just perfect for you. Your fingers will be traveling less as every key is close to your hands. If you are a programmer or a web developer then it will serve you well for a longer period of time.


We discussed many different facts about MacBook 12in m7 and how it could be the best choice you can ever make. It comes in 4 different colors, and if you find rose gold more feminine then gold or silver is for you. Color does take part in defining a work environment and makes a working experience more interesting.

We talked about how a 256GB of SSD is a great built-in storage capacity that offers you greater performance. 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM of 1866MHz helps you do many different tasks at once, and you surely won’t be complaining about anything performance related. It has a good graphics processor that can display an image at a higher resolution like 1440p, and a 480p webcam that can be very useful in zoom meetings.

Finally, its full-size keyboard with LED backlight is one of a kind that can serve a programmer and a writer well. With all these things in mind, MacBook 12in m7 is the perfect choice for you.

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