Acer Swift 3 sf315-41 Laptop Complete Review 2022

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It’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to look at a laptop that is powered with an AMD CPU. However, Acer is now launching its acer swift 3 sf315-41 powered by Ryzen Mobile,  and we’ve been able to take an examine one. 

AMD was able to endure a rough time in the laptop market in recent years and now with the introduction of Ryzen in 2017, they hope to improve their standing. 

A large portion of this will be making their partners pack Ryzen into top-quality laptops.

Acer’s Swift 3 is a diverse lineup including Swift 3 models available in 14-inch and 15.6-inch models, and both AMD processors that include Vega graphics and Intel processors.  

Some of them have an NVIDIA GPU, too. 


  • Stylish and sturdy design
  • Good IPS display
  • Powerful low voltage chip
  • Good Price


  • Mediocre battery life
  • Presence of PWM (Health-Guard profile fix that)
  • Slow Card reader
  • Short run time

In our review we’ll look at the SF315-41R6J9 model one, which is a 15.6-inch model that comes with the highest-end AMD Ryzen mobile processors in the Ryzen 7 2700U. 

AMD Ryzen 7 2700U is a quad-core CPU with eight threads. It runs at a base speed of 2.2 GHz with a boost frequency of 3.8 GHz. 

It is compatible with two-channel DDR4-2400 and it comes with 384 KB L1 2 MB L2 and 4 MB of L3 cache. 

Perhaps the most thrilling characteristic is Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics with 2700U. It’s the most powerful GPU on the market that has 10 GPU cores and an increase speed of 1300 MHz. 

The Top Model from Acer’s AMD Swift 3.

Swift 3 comes with enough connectivity to its USB-C port (Gen 1-5 Gbps) and two USB 3.0 ports, the USB 2.0 port. 

It also has an HDMI output that comes with HDCP and an SD card reader. This is an impressive number of ports for laptops. 

Although the 8GB of RAM might appear to be a bit small in this mid-range model of laptops, it’s sufficient. 

Acer also comes with fingerprint readers with Windows Hello support, and Wi-Fi built of the Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174A.

It is a dual-mode 802.11ac wireless NIC equipped with support for MU-MIMO and Bluetooth 4.2. 

Before we dive look at the performance, we’ll first review the look and feel that Acer has designed for Swift 

Design And Build 

The Acer Swift 3 SF315 SF315-41G is larger than its predecessor by 14 inches. 

Both feature an aluminum body that is the primary feature. When it’s opened it opens to reveal an LCD screen along with a keyboard surround base made of metal that looks stunning for it. 

When you open it up, you’ll discover the 15.6-inch screen with 1080p resolution. A standard, island-style keyboard with a brushed aluminum deck an electronic fingerprint reader. 

The hinge is made of silver and looks sturdy but looks can deceive at times, but it does well in helping support the display. 

Another feature that the Acer Swift 3 has going for it is its 4.6 pounds light profile, making it lighter and smaller by 0.7 inches than its rivals. 

Its competitors are the Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G 57D4weighs 5.2 tons and weighs 1.2 inches thick. 

In comparison, the Lenovo Flex 5 weighs in at 4.4 pounds and measures 0.8 inch thick. 

Display, Keyboard, and Touchpad 

Display of acer swift 3 sf315-41

There’s the glass-fronted panel that can be seen trying to boost brightness, and the colors don’t seem to be at all. 

When you watch the movie trailer called The Hunt, the green trees of the tropical forests contain leaves with odd hues and yellow tones.

which makes it difficult to discern the predators lurking within the woods initially. 

The screen can cover an 80% sRGB color gamut, and the brightness is 177 nits. 

This is less than Aspirer’s 150.8 nits while flexes is 133 percent however, it still has acceptable colors. 


The keyboard is island-style, comfortable, and well-laid. It is very comfy. With only 1.2 millimeters (about 0.05 in) of travel. 

it’s not very flashy among its competitors, but it is durable due to the aluminum deck which stops the keyboard from flexing. 

It’s very likely to write more than 100 words per minute, which isn’t too bad.


The touchpad is 4.2-by-3.0 inches, which means that it’s big enough and is responsive to tapping fingers for opening Cortana. The speakers are pleasant and sufficient to fill even a small space, however, the voice quality isn’t perfectly well-balanced.

Ports And Storage 

With a slim profile acer swift 3 sf315-41 can accommodate nearly all the ports that you’d require. 

On the left is the HDMI output as well as the USB Type-C connection (which does not support charging).

The two USB 3.0 ports (one that has power-off charging) as well as an audio connector. On the right side is the SD card slot and an USB 2.0 port, USB 2.0 port as well as a Kensington security slot. 

The device doesn’t include an Ethernet port.  It can be connected wirelessly using dual-band 802.11ac as well as Bluetooth 4.0. 

There’s also a front-facing webcam as well as a fingerprint scanner. To store data, the device comes with a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) that is the same as other models in this class. 

Including that of the ASUS ZenBook UX330UAUA-AH54, and this Acer Swift 7 doubles that memory even though it has 7th Gen CPU and a 13-inch display. 

Acer Swift 3 SF315-41 Review:  


The acer swift 3 sf315-41 is available in several different configurations. The unit we tested is the Swift 3 SF315-40G. 

Which is the only model that comes with its AMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor with 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD. 

The other models use Intel’s seventh-generation processors. Most customers should be pleased to use this Ryzen 7 version since the increased speed of processors.

For an average multitasker with a lot of work to do, the Ryzen 7 2700U is more than adequate.

With it you’ll be able to open to 15 Chrome tabs, stream two 1080p videos and many other background tasks with no indication or slowdown.

Due to its PCIe SSD, it has faster copy speeds that its predecessors aren’t able to beat. 

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Graphics And Battery Life of acer swift 3 sf315-41

You may be able to play games that are low-level, but you’ll need the AMD Radeon RX 540 graphics card. 

It might not be adequate to play modern games at high resolutions, but it is still able to play at low settings. 

For instance, what you’re seeing on games such as Dirt 3 is 61 frames per second (fps) which is less than the standard of 95 fps. 

The TUF Dash 15 from Asus TUF Dash 15 (2022) is an option to investigate mid-range gaming because it comes with an exclusive GeForce GTX 3060 graphic card. 

Gaming for beginners thanks to its Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card.
Acer states they’ve found that Swift 3 can offer up to 10 hours of battery timing. 

If we can stay away from the term “market slang” this is less than seven hours of uninterrupted internet browsing on Wi-Fi. 

In fairness, it is far superior to the industry average of 6 hours, however, this Apple MacBook Air M2 offers more than 18 hours of battery time with just one charge. 

Why Should you buy the Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G? 

After this review you easily decide which laptop best choice for you.

The acer swift 3 sf315-41 is an efficient laptop for work that combines solid performance with an attractive aesthetic. 

This laptop’s AMD Ryzen 7 CPU combined with AMD Radeon 540 graphics as well as 8GB of RAM makes it the perfect laptop for work and will shine brightly at school too. 

However, there are more modern laptops equipped with eleventh and 12th Gen processors that feature superior design, higher performance in everyday tasks, and  longer battery life. 

Acer Swift 3 Acer Swift 3 (SF314-512-78JG) is one of these laptops. It comes with the Intel Core i7-1260P CPU with 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD inside the form of a slim, light chassis. It’s highly recommended. 

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