10 Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment in 2022

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Find the perfect action camera microphone to record audio on every device, including digital recorders and cameras. devices.

Nowadays every single person, including their mom is producing videos. There’s a feeling that everyone has their own thing to do, be it gardening tips makeup tutorials, Tik Tok dances, random thoughts about traffic, or even podcasts.

The first thing you’ll discover when you begin making videos is that the  action camera microphone attachment built into the computer won’t do the trick.

Who To Work Action Camere Microphone

This is particularly true of action camera microphone attachment, that is tiny and rugged digital cameras specifically made to record lots of motion. The built-in microphone on an action camera generally comes with smaller file formats, and smaller frequency range.

It also picks more background sound than external microphones (think traffic, wind as well as thuds, bumps, and thuds caused by walking).

You’ll get superior audio quality as well as a greater frequency range when you are using an extra action camera microphone attachment. But, there are just as many camera microphone options in the same way as YouTube channels, making it difficult to decide on a single one.

Furthermore, when you get right down to the core, sound waves are based on physical physics (*soft screaming*) Who is going to figure that out when there are dancing moves to master?

This article has completed all the work for you. I’ve also thoroughly studied the top action camera microphones externally to determine the very best of the best.

If you’re confused about terms like deadcat microphone, shotgun or cardioid polar pattern as well as hot shoe mounts, look up my jargon buster at the close of the article.


You’ll notice I list the most popular action cameras, such as GoPro as well as DJI for a majority of these microphones. Although most of these microphones are compatible however, you’ll need the correct adapter cable for your specific model of camera. Read my buying guide towards the end for assistance!

Table Of Content

  • #1 Rode VideoMicPro 
  • #2 PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip-On Microphone 
  • #3 Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 
  • #4 Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone 
  • #5 Drift Ghost 3.5mm External Microphone 
  • #6 Rode Wireless GO II 
  • #7 BOYA BY-MM1 
  • #8 Rode SmartLav+ 
  • #9 Movo Smartphone Rig 
  • #10 TAKSTAR SGC-598 

#1 Rode VideoMicPro

It is the Rode Video Mic Pro can be described as the ideal microphone for filmmaking. it is also the most suitable microphone to use with that DJI Osmo motion camera.

 In that regard that, it is worth noting that the Rode VideoMicPro is frequently utilized to mount DSLR cameras and includes the Rycote Lyre shock mounts to reduce background noise. 

This microphone for shotguns has the 1/2 ” condenser capsule that delivers outstanding audio quality. The super-cardioid pattern of polarization will take sound from the front of the microphone.

While cutting out background noise towards on the edges of the mic. Its cold shoe mounting comes with an 3/8 inch thread that attaches to an industrial boom pole and is equipped with a windscreen made of foam.


  • The condenser capsule provides
  • It has LED indicators to let you know when the battery’s running low.
  • Professional high-quality sound
  • Universal compatibility
  • very clear sound Super-cardioid
  • Nearly 10 Hours of Battery Life


  • It’s not equipped with a deadcat-style windscreen
  • Requires an 9V battery
  • Expensive

#2 PowerDeWise Lavalier Clip-On Microphone

Our Rating: 4.7/5 Connector 

Type: 3.5mm jack Compatible devices.

All action cameras compatible with a 3.5mm Jack (also adaptable to DSLR cameras and iPhone/Android phones).

Energy Source Electric corded

Audio Sensitivity: -33 dB 

Polar Pattern: Unidirectional

If you’re interested in recording audio in various options and do not want to have a large microphone that is in your face, you should consider using the Power De Wise mic that clips onto lavaliers. 

Although it’s certainly not an expert microphone, it’s definitely an improvement over built-in microphones. 

The action camera microphone has the 79” cable length, allowing you to adjust the distance between yourself and your camera. 

This clip-on mic has a deadcat windscreen that helps minimize background noise that can be an issue with omnidirectional microphones. 


  • Very reasonable
  • Great audio quality for the price.
  • It comes equipped with TRS and TRRS microphone adapter
  • Discrete clip-on


  • It will listen to background noises on the shirts

#3 Sennheiser Most Professional MKE 200

Our Rating: 4.7/5 Connector 

Type: 3.5mm jack Compatible devices 

All action cameras compatible with a 3.5mm Jack (also adaptable to DSLR cameras and iPhone/Android phones) Energy Source Electric corded Audio Sensitivity: -33 dB 

Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (super-cardioid)

Its Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 is a tiny but powerful microphone that is perfect for GoPros using the appropriate adapter. 

Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 provides directionally sound that is equipped with an in-built suspension mount that helps lessen the sound of handling. 

This battery-free microphone is the ideal action camera microphone attachment. Vlogging. Despite the fact that it is a shotgun-style microphone it appears to be able to hear sound better when it is at distance.


  • The best mic for Vlogging
  • deadcat Sleek design Good sensitivity
  • Good sensitivity clear sound


  • It detects background noise
  • The best use is at the arm’s length

#4 Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

Our Rating : 4.6/5 Connector

 Type : 3.5mm jack 

Compatible Devices: Any action camera compatible with 3.5mm connector (also is compatible in conjunction with iPhone as well as Android phones, Canon EOS, and Nikon DSLR cameras and camcorders)

Power Source The term “electric cord” refers to the electric wire. 

Audio Sensitivity : 76 dB

Polar Pattern : Unidirectional (cardioid)

The microphone’s compact size is the same size as one finger’s middle. The device comes with a full range of accessories. Including the carrying case, deadcat windscreen and a microphone adapter.

For mobile phones and DSLR camera (these two devices are known as TRRS and TRS in the respective terms).

PROS Small size is ideal for mobile and small camera devices.

Very affordable Deadcat windscreen is extremely useful in reducing wind noise It is equipped with a wide range of accessories CONS It can’t handle loud sounds well.


  • Small size is ideal for mobile
  • small camera devices.


  • It can’t handle loud sounds well.
  • Buggy Bluetooth Problems
  • Keyboard Adds Heft
  • Expensive

#5 Rode Wireless GO II

Our Rating: 5/5 
Connector Type USB-C, and 3.5mm connector 
Compatible devices Any action camera compatible with 3.5mm port and USB-C (also compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones) 
The Power Source is Electric corded 
Audio Sensitivity: Unknown 
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional 

Rode Wireless GO II Rode Wireless GO II is the 2nd generation of the wildly popular Rode Wireless Go and my preference for the top wireless microphone for action cameras. 

The latest version offers similar (excellent) sound quality as the GO but comes with a host of additional options, including an app called Rode Central app to control audio settings remotely. 

Two small transmitters and a dual-channel receiver makeup of the Rode Wireless GO II. The transmitters can be clipped onto the receivers and use them in their entirety or pair them with lavalier mics (not provided). 

It is equipped with internal memory that can store up 40 hours of audio and includes two small, soft air Muffs. 


  • Professional audio quality
  • Tiny size
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Stays connected to the receiver for up to 200m (line-of-sight)


  • Expensive


Our Rating: 4.4/5 
Connector Type: 3.5mm jack 
Compatible Devices: Any action camera that’s compatible with 3.5mm jack (also compatible with camcorders, tablets, and iPhone/Android/Huawei smartphones) 
Power Source: 1 lithium-ion battery 
Audio Sensitivity: -42 dB 
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional 

The BOYA BY-MM1 is a fantastic budget shotgun microphone that is ideal for people who would like to place their video microphone on a stationary object such as the tripod. 

For the money, it delivers exceptional quality directional audio. It comes with an inside shock mounting however it still can listen to ambient sound due to rough handling. 

As with many of the digital recorders in the list below, BOYA BY-MM1 are able to make use of the BOYA BY-MM1 to record action cameras, provided you have the appropriate adapter. 

It can also work with mobile phones and DSLR cameras. It includes adapter cords for both. 

The downside is that the mounting system used for this camera microphone comes with a weak support structure that can be susceptible to snap immediately out from its box. 


  • Affordable
  • Much better audio than built-in mics
  • It comes with a bag for carrying with two adapters, as well as deadcat


  • Flimsy mounting bracket

#7 Drift Ghost 3.5mm External Microphone

Our Rating: 4.8/5 
Connector Type: 3.5mm jack 
Compatible Devices:Drift Ghost XL, Drift Ghost 4K, Ghost X, Drift Ghost-S, and HD Ghost 
Power Source: 1 lithium-ion battery 
Audio Sensitivity: 100 dB 
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid) 

The Drift action cameras have numerous uses, but are most popular among motorcyclists for helmet cameras. The issue with microphones that are external in helmets? Wind noise! This is why you need the Drift Ghost 3.5mm External Microphone is so useful. 

The camera microphone can be placed in your head, blocking the wind’s noise, and also allowing comments when driving. 

Be aware that this microphone is compatible with the majority of Drift camera models, it will require an adapter for the Drift Ghost XL adapter for microphones when you own an Drift Ghost XL.


  • The best action camera microphone for motorcycles.
  • Reduces wind noise by a significant amount
  • Priced reasonably


  • You will require the adapter for Drift Ghost XL. Drift Ghost XL

#8 Rode SmartLav+

Our Rating: 4.8/5 
Connector Type: 3.5mm jack 
Compatible devices All action cameras that are compatible with a 3.5mm connector (also compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones tablets, laptops, and tablets) 
The Power Source is Electric corded 
Audio Sensitivity: 67 dB 
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional 

If you are a content creator primarily on your phone The Rode SmartLav+ is an ideal choice. This omnidirectional lavalier microphone is designed for smartphones however it can also be used with other action cameras so it has the correct adapter. 

The small (4.5mm in diameter) design includes a windscreen made of foam as well as a durable, yet discreet clip-mount. It connects directly to a smartphone’s headphone jack, and comes with a strong, kevlar reinforced cable.

One downside to the camera mic is you need to download the Rode application that is a premium application (boo) and can be a little slow at times


  • Great Audio
  • Elegant Design
  • Sharp, Vibrant Screen
  • Nearly 10 Hours of Battery Life


  • Chrome OS Still a Work in Progress
  • Buggy Bluetooth Problems
  • Keyboard Adds Heft
  • Expensive

#9 Movo Smartphone Rig

Our Rating: 4.9/5 

Connector type: 3.5mm Jack with cellphone clamp 

Supported Devices: While it is compatible with any action camera compatible with a 3.5mm socket, it’s better to use this camera for iPhone X, XS, XS max 13, 11 and Androids, since it has clamps. 

The Power Source is Electric corded 

Audio Sensitivity: 76 dB 

Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid) 

Its Movo smartphone rig is a great option for creating content using the help of an action camera, or smartphone. 

I am impressed that this system has unidirectional sound capture that is more effective at reducing background noise and it also comes with a clamp that can be used with 2.2-3.6 inches wide smartphones. 

The clamp offers a secure base for the microphone and helps to eliminate any the other sounds that come from handling. In addition the rig is equipped with a small carrying strap to wrap around your wrist which is extremely useful to avoid falls. 

The microphone also offers clear, crisp audio and is still compact enough to fit in a pocket. The microphone is 3.1”x1.2 inches. 

Although this video mic works superbly, it’s in the portable microphones with a budget therefore it isn’t able to perform magic. The wind is a major factor that can cause it to become a nuisance.


  • Directional audio provides higher quality sound than the omnidirectional styles The directional audio format has better sound quality than omnidirectional styles.
  • It has clamps that fit all smartphones.
  • It has clamps that fit all smartphones. The clamp is designed to fit most smartphones.
  • Wrist strap Pocket-sized
  • Budget-friendly


  • Won’t perform well in very noisy/windy environments


Our Rating: 4.7/5
Connector Type: 3.5mm jack
Compatible Devices: Any camera compatible with a 3.5mm connector (also is compatible with Nikon and Canon DSLRs)
Power Source: 1.5V AA alkaline battery
Audio Sensitivity: -32dB
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid)

It is the Takstar SGC-589 is one the top action camera microphones if need the versatility of using the same microphone on cameras like your GoPro or DJI as well as the DSLR camera. 

It comes with an unidirectional polar pattern as well as an hot shoe mount that can be able to mount on top of the DSLR as well as an adapter that to permit you to connect it to your action camera too. 

While this microphone is powered by batteries it comes with up to 100 hours battery time as well as the indicator of low power. 

It comes with a carry bag and foam windscreen to aid in noise cancellation. DLSR cameras are generally quite heavy.

And I’d hesitate to put the bulky, heavy camera microphone to top. Luckily, the Takstar SGC-589 weighs just weighty at 154 grams


  • specifically created to work with DSLR cameras DSLR specifically designed for DSLR
  • Hot shoe mount
  • Lightweight


  • Battery operated

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment

In the first place, be sure that your microphones’ external attachments are compatible with the camera you use. 

Certain microphones for action cameras are universal, however some are compatible with particular models of action cameras. 

As a result, make certain that your external microphone has an adapter since many action cameras do not come with an 3.5mm audio jack integrated. 

Below are some of the top action camera microphone adapters: 

  • GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter (for GoPro Hero5, Hero6, Hero7, and Hero8
  • Movo GMA100 3.5mm Mic Adapter (for GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4) 
  • Osmo Pocket Mic Adapter (for DJI Osmo) 
  • USB to 3.5mm Jack 

Polar Pattern 

The direction of the polarization of a microphone determines the direction in which the microphone can pick up sounds most effectively. 

Some of the action camera microphone attachments can be switched between polar patterns, however the majority of them only have one option. 

Omnidirectional: Receives sounds from all directions. This is a good pattern when, for instance, you’re recording a group of people talking around the table.

The Omnidirectional pattern is also common for lapel microphones since they are required to hear sound and aren’t in front of your mouth. 

Unidirectional (Cardioid) : The most well-known pattern of polarity, cardioid camera microphones capture sound directly ahead of their location, while they ignore sounds behind them.

This is a great pattern for interviews with just one person or personal video vlogging. An alternative to cardioid is supercardioid. This is a bit more focused on an image’s front. 

Shotgun Mics with a shotgun are very thin and long. It is the most directionally oriented microphone.

This microphone is ideal for video clips of two actors talking to each other and provides outstanding noise reduction in the ambient.

Bi-directional pattern: It looks similar to the shotgun design however it is not as focused on direction. The pattern is more akin to the fat figure eight with the best audio quality emanating from both sides of the microphone. 

Shock Mounting A shock mount can reduce the background noise that you hear when the action camera’s movements. A shock mount is especially useful if you’re recording while walking, so that the vibrations of your steps won’t affect the overall quality of sound. Windscreen Type There are two primary kinds of windscreens. Each will give you higher quality sound than an unidirectional microphone, however there are some trade-offs. 
  • Foam windscreens: Foam screens are fairly common and are often less expensive than deadcats. They’re capable blocking noise from the winds, but they’re far from the best. 
    If it’s a stormy day, you may need to take several takes to achieve the highest audio quality.

  • Deadcat

    Deadcat windscreens are soft microphone covers which look like, well, a dead cat.

    They completely stop wind noise and minimize high frequency sound. 

    Shoe Mounting

    The shoe mount a place where you can place an external microphone or external flashlight onto the camera. 

    • Hot Shoe Mount: A hot shoe mount features electrical connectivity within the mounting platform. This means that you are able to directly connect your gadget to it. 
    • Cold Shoe Mount : The cold shoe mount doesn’t possess that electrical connection. 

    Audio Sensitivity

    The sensitivity of an audio microphone is an indicator of its capability to pick up the sound. The sensitivity of a good audio microphone is 8 to 32 mV/Pa . This is also known as between -42 and 30 DBV/Pa. 

    Transducer Type

    They are also transducers. They convert one kind of energy (physical sound waves) into another (electrical energy). 

    The three methods microphones transform sound waves into audio signals. 

    • Dynamic These mics make excellent all-round microphones so they don’t try to capture sharp and clear detail.

      These microphones are ideal for general recording outdoors, podcasting and for loud sounds (i.e. drums, for example). 

    • Condenser Mics that condenser provide crystal clear audio, which makes perfect for recording in studios as well as voice-acting. 
    • Ribbon It is likely that you won’t find a ribbon microphone as an accessory for an action camera. However they provide the highest quality audio among the three different types of transducers.
    • The issue with ribbon microphones is that they’re expensive, fragile and won’t work well with an action camera. 

    Types of Action Camera Microphone Attachments

    Lavalier Mics 

    Lavalier Mics can also be referred to as lav microphones or lapel mics. 

    The clip-on microphones are slim and light design. They’re ideal for recording your voice while on the move (think at the wheel, walking and so on. ). 

    Shotgun Mics 

    “Shotgun” refers to both the shape of a microphone’s polar pattern and the design of the microphone. A shotgun microphone is typically large, thin, and is mounted on the camera. 

    Handheld Mics 

    It’s not common to have an accessory for a handheld microphone for an action camera, but it’s this isn’t unheard of. You can also use lav microphones or shotgun mics and use them as handheld microphones. 

    FAQs About Microphone Attachments for Action Cameras

    Do you have the ability to connect an audio device to the GoPro? 

    Yes, GoPro supports external microphone input. All you need to increase the quality of your audio from you GoPro is an adapter that converts USB power into 3.5mm audio input. 

    Sure, GoPro makes an audio adapter (Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter) However, many other products available equally well. 

    What do I need to do to connect a microphone to my camera action? 

    Many action cameras feature the USB Type C plug-in that requires an adapter for microphones separately. 

    Certain action cameras have the 3.5mm audio jack, which means you can connect your action camera microphone attachment to the cameras. 

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    What can I do to enhance the audio quality on my Action Camera?

    What can I do to enhance the audio quality on my Action Camera? 

    The  action cameras microphone attachment don’t always provide the sound quality that you want. The best method to increase audio quality from your action cameras is to purchase an attachment for the microphone of your action camera. 

    External microphones record superior audio, cut down background noise, and offer an even wider frequency range than the built-in microphones. 

    Always ensure that you record your audio in uncompressed format because compressed audio is of lower quality. The uncompressed audio will give you greater control. 

    Do you need a mic for a GoPro?

    You don’t require an external microphone to use the GoPro however, buying an attachment for the action camera can significantly improve the quality of your GoPro videos. 

    Is it possible to connect to a USB microphone for an action camera? 

    It is possible to connect an USB microphone with an action cam if the camera is equipped with an USB adapter port. A few DSLR cameras come with USB ports, however many action cameras require an 3.5mm headphone connector. 

    Conclusion: Pick for the Best Microphone Attachment for Action Cameras

    The choice of the right action camera microphone attachment accessory can mean your decision between spending time perfecting your interview, instead of tripping over problems with the sound quality or malfunctioning equipment. 

    The action camera microphone attachment included on this list comes with perks the top option is that of the Rode Wireless GO II. 

    Rode Wireless GO II Rode Wireless GO II produces high-quality audio signals of small size, and is compatible with virtually every camera, making it a versatile as well. 

    In addition, it has internal memory that means you can utilize it on its by itself without needing the need for a camera. 

    Its wireless connection is what makes it the perfect microphone for recording outdoors, where mobility is not a problem. 

    The final thing to note is that this model is the sole model on the list that has two transmitters, which makes it a great choice for interview.

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