PS5 Pro Guide : What to Expect The Next Play Station 5?

Ps5 Pro

It is likely that we will get the PS5 Pro at some point in the near future. However, the question is: what will we get from a better PlayStation 5? Sony started the trend of the release of mid-gen console upgrades in the PlayStation. 4 generation with the PS4 Pro back in 2016.

A sophisticated system that could offer 4K video and greater frame rates. This was the first for consoles for homes.

Microsoft also followed suit and released its mid-gen update one year later. It was the Xbox One X. Similar to its predecessor, the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X outperformed the Xbox One in almost every category. 

Xbox One in virtually every area. Nintendo has always been known for releasing new hardware with every console’s evolution.

But the company is more likely to refine the design of its predecessors instead of making something more robust. 

Nintendo 3DS

For instance, the Nintendo DSi, New Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch OLED are just a few recent instances that show Nintendo upgrading its hardware. 

But without overhauling the technical specifications to any significant extent.

 It’s true that the PS5 was released just last week, and it’s celebrating its year-and-a-half anniversary sale.

And it’s now however that doesn’t mean Sony isn’t preparing plans to launch a more powerful model in the next years. 

We’re not sure at this point what the PS5 Pro could improve upon, however, as we haven’t had any reports of 8K resolution support on the PlayStation 5.  

And wait for the release of a PlayStation 5 Slim for us to see a significantly smaller console.

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  • 667GB of usable storage


We can form an educated guess about the date when we can predict. When the PS5 Pro will be released along with its price and based on what Sony has done.  

When it launched its PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro was released in 2016. PS4 Pro launched in 2016 and was released 3 years later than the first PS4 was released. 

This means that the possible date of a PS5 Pro release is as early as 2023. 

Then, after the PS5 came out in November 2020. The Covid-19 epidemic could delay the date of a PS5 Pro launch well into 2024 or later. Regarding price, The  PS4 Pro launched at the same price as the initial PS4 which was $399 or PS349.

The PS5 is priced at a rise with Sony accusing the reason for this being the rapid rise in inflation across the world. Which is why the PS5 is currently priced at PS479.99 in the US, or EUR549.99 or AU$799.95.

It’s possible that Sony may provide its PS5 Pro for the same price, provided they follow the exact approach that it used for the PS4 Pro.

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ps5 pro designs

It’s true that the PS5 can already be described as a huge device, and it is unlikely that Sony could make major improvements in the future.

 It is possible that a PS5 Pro could rival or even surpass what is available on a standard PlayStation 5.

The same thing happened with PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro, which was larger that the initial PlayStation 4 by some margin. 

Thankfully the PS5 Slim is also available. PS5 Slim will likely be in the near future for those looking for an incredibly small system. 

We believe that, just as similar to PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony’s design will be based on the futuristic design of the console. 

It might include additional features that aren’t in the current console.


It’s where things become more difficult to forecast. There’s no doubt that the PS5 is already a robust console, capable of four-dimensional gaming with 120 Hz for specific games as well as ray tracing and generally gorgeous graphics across the board. 

It’s possible that a PS5 Pro would certainly help designers achieve even greater quality resolution and frames.  

It’s unlikely to be an actual leap like the one we experienced when we went between 1080p and 4K. 

But it’s not the case that the PS5 remains unable to run any games in 8K resolution, despite this feature being touted on the retail box of the console. It’s possible that the PS5 Pro will target the next-gen resolution standard. 

We’ve seen one video game The Tourist, running at 8K/60fps on the PS5 however, you can only watch it in 4K at the moment. 

8K panels aren’t popular right now, because in three years 8K screens will be cheaper and more available to consumers. who aren’t avid about technology. 

Don’t ignore the fact that Sony also makes TVs, and the Japanese firm might utilize its PS5 Pro to push sales of its 8K TVs. Similar to the way the PS3 helped to win the battle for disc formats using Blu-Ray.

This possible PS5 Pro could sport an AMD Zen 4 CPU and RDNA-3 GPU. However, we’ve observed how both Microsoft and Sony chose to stick with the slightly sluggish versions of Xbox One and PS4 CPUs in the upgraded versions. Therefore, we’d anticipate an increase in GPU investment as opposed to the CPU on this model. PS5 Pro. PS5 Pro  

What else does it have to offer?


We’d like to see the PS5 Pro include a more powerful SSD than the initial PS5 also, considering that 825GB isn’t a huge amount in the first place Some games also have massive size files. 

A 1TB version will definitely make a difference and we’d like the possibility of installing an SSD that is among the most powerful SSDs for the PS5 to stay. What about what is a PS5 Pro Digital Edition? Could Sony also make the version with no disc drive? Perhaps maybe not.

 There’s a possibility that it’s not. PS5 Digital Edition serves as an affordable version of the PS5 for those satisfied with the PS5 without the PS5 Pro, however, releasing two models of the PS5 Pro that, while it’s true will not appeal to all, is probably an over-the-top decision.

Do we really require the PS5 Pro?

Technically, not really yet, but within the next two or three years, the developers could confront more difficulties because of the PS5’s aging hardware, which causes obvious issues with games such as low frame rates or lower resolutions. 

A PS5 Pro could revitalize a number of games that are older in the same way as we did on the PS4 Pro, and the added horsepower will mean that the latest games can’t be held back.

We get an PS5 Pro or just buy an PS5?


It’s always possible to receive a better price when you wait, it’s simply the nature of technology. But the PS5 is an amazing gaming app Sure it is true that a PlayStation 5 Pro will be more enjoyable and provide a general experience but imagine what you’re losing out on by not waiting? 


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