How to Connect Beats Wireless to a Phone or Computer

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This article explains how to pair beats headphones link  with Android as well as iOS devices and Windows and Mac computer

Before You Begin

Beats provides a variety of options for wireless headphones, which include:

  • Powerbeats
  • Beats Solo
  • Beats Studio
  • Beats X

The first step to pair wireless Beats with your devices is to know which power button. If you’re not sure which power button to press then refer to the user quick start guide or manual included with your headphones.

In order to attach Bluetooth headphones to the device first, you must ensure that the device can be identified. It’s done with the Beats headphones by holding and pressing the button to power for around five minutes. You’ll notice the Bluetooth LED blink, signalling that the device is ready to connect.

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Include Beats Wireless Headphones on Android

If you’re certain that Bluetooth is for the Android phone This guide will show you how to pair your Bluetooth headphones with the Android device.

  1. Then, swipe down from the center in the Android home screen to launch the App Drawer. Then, select Settings.
  2. Tap Wireless and Network.
  3. Then, tap  Bluetooth and then press on the switch that toggles to activate Bluetooth.
  4.  Once Bluetooth is active, press Connect the new device.
  5. Choose Beats Wireless in the list of available devices.

how to connect beat headphone to Andriod

6.Your Beats headphones appear to be connected following successful pairing.

Add Beats Wireless headphones to iPhone

Here’s how to pair beats headphones join to Beats Wireless headphones wirelessly to an iPhone or other iOS device.

  1. Bluetooth is required to be enabled to be enabled on the iOS gadget. To enable Bluetooth (or verify that it’s activated) click the Settings.
  2.  Click Bluetooth and Tap Bluetooth and tap the toggle button to turn it on in the event that it’s not turned on.

connect beats wireless to i Phone

4.  When Bluetooth is turned on, all devices that are available are displayed in the Bluetooth screen. Choose Beats Wirelessin the dropdown menu in the section My Devices.

5.  Your Beats headphones appear to be connected when they have successfully paired with your phone.

6.  The headphones are now linked to your smartphone, and you’re all set to rock them anywhere you want to go.

How do I connect Beats Wireless to Windows PC

For connecting Beats Wireless headphones to a Windows 10 PC:

  1. Choose the Windows icon on the desktop, and then choose the All Settings.

connect beats wireless headphones to windows pc

2.  Start with Bluetooth into the Windows Settings search field.

3.   Select to add Bluetooth or any other device and verify that the Bluetooth toggle is on. on position.

connect beats wireless headphones to windows pc

4.  At the Add the device screen, choose Bluetooth.

connect beats wireless headphones to window pc

5.  Once all nearby Bluetooth detectable devices are loaded, choose Beats Wireless.

connect beats wireless headphone to window pc

You will get an alert on your screen once your device is prepared to go.

How do you connect Beats Wireless Headphones to a Mac

Connect Beats Wireless headphones to a Mac computer:

  • Start by opening the System Preferences by selecting it from the Apple menu or by clicking it from the Dock.
  • Click on the Bluetooth option.
  • Click on the Beats headphones you wish to pair.

connect beats wirless headphones to Mac

  • After the Beats are connected and connected, they appear as connected.


  • How do join Beats with my PS4?
  • On your PS4 On your PS4, go into settingsSettings > devicesand then Bluetooth devices. Make sure that your Beats are in close proximity with the pair mode on. If the PS4 does not recognize the headphones, you can try using the dongle to connect the headphones directly to the PS4.
  • How do I join Beats with Chromebook?
  • Then, head to the lower-right side of your Chromebook then tap on the date. If you see the Bluetooth icon, then your Chromebook is compatible using Bluetooth. Click to open the Bluetooth icon, then Bluetooth and then choose your Beats and follow the instructions to connect.
  • How do I join Beats via Peloton?
  • In the Peloton screen, choose settings >> Bluetooth Audio. Make sure that your Beats are within reach and are in pairing mode. In the Peloton screen, find your headphones, then click to connect.

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