9 Simple Ways to Fix It When AirPods Are Too Quiet

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This article outlines nine methods why are my airpods so quiet to solve and troubleshoot AirPods volume issues. The suggestions are applicable also to AirPods, AirPods 2, and AirPods Pro.  

Reasons Why Your AirPods are so Quiet

Many things can affect the AirPods sound. Since the volume on your iPhone determines your volume level, there may be issues with the phone rather than the actual earpieces. 

There’s a chance that you’re experiencing difficulties pairing, issues with various settings for sound. And perhaps you’re experiencing lower quality sound due to AirPods having power that is falling to a low level. 

If you don’t notice the issue immediately then just follow the troubleshooting procedures here until you find the solution that solves the problem.  

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How to Fix Low Volume on AirPods to Make Them Louder

These AirPods troubleshooting procedures are generally quick and simple. And try to know about why are my airpods so quiet. Try them all and determine if it solves the audio issue. 

If not, proceed to the next possible solution.  

You can turn up the volume level on your iPhone. There’s no volume control in the AirPods which means you have to depend upon your iPhone to control the volume. This is a good point to begin because it’s easy to forget.

Switch off low power. If your iPhone has been set to Low Power mode, it could affect non-critical systems. This can cause the audio system to be played at an lower volume than it normally does. Switch it off and connect your AirPods using your iPhone in the normal power mode.

Check that the AirPods are fully charge. If you find that the AirPods are in a low battery, they may behave badly. The batteries charged for a couple of hours and then check the audio once more.

Remove all equalizer (EQ) settings. The majority of EQ settings can make the sound played through the AirPods sound tinnier, even the ones that bear the word “Booster “in as the title. It is recommended to turn off down the EQ off.  

Turn off “Reduce Loud Sounds.” There could be a setting activated that sets the maximum volume. You can turn off this feature by pressing a button or two steps within the Settings app: Sounds & Haptics > Headphone Safety > Reduce Loud Sounds. If you find that Reduce Loud Sounds is already off (the slider isn’t green). Turning off Reduce Loud Sounds will make the headphones more quiet. If you’re missing notifications and calls because the sound quality for those features isn’t loud enough In the Sounds and Haptics section, you’ll find an adjustment slider that makes those alerts louder. This section is referred to as the Ringer section and also Alerts.  

You can calibrate the sound in both the iPhone or AirPods. Phone and AirPods might have two different conceptions of the maximum and minimum volume. 

While listening to music on your AirPods make sure you turn the iPhone volume to the lowest setting. Disable Bluetooth. Play music until it plays through the iPhone speaker. Open the iPhone volume to the lowest setting. Set up Bluetooth and connect AirPods to the AirPods.  

It’s not frequent, however recalibrating audio levels can take a minute or so and you ought to try it at least.  

Check that both earbuds are set at equal volume. You might have set your iPhone accessibility setting to allow you to use your earbuds at different levels. Go to your iPhone Settings> Accessibility> Audio/Visual. Make sure that the slider is in a balanced position, by placing the slider placed in the middle of the two buttons, between R.  

Replace the Air Pods with your iPhone. Sometimes, this can solve issues with Air Pods as well as other Bluetooth devices generally.  

If you want to pair your devices once more In the handset’s Bluetooth settings, then tap the circled I on the AirPods Then, select Forget This Device. 

Clean the AirPods. If none of these suggestions solve the problem with the sound the earbuds may require a thorough cleaning. Because the AirPods are significant amount times in your ear and are often covered by earwax. If you notice an accumulation, cleaning them regularly can result in a significant improvement. 

How to Clean Your AirPods Case. 


Is there a way for hands-free users to alter the AirPods volume? Yes. 

If you have 2nd-generation Air Pods and AirPods Pro successfully paired with your iPhone. 

Then you can use a Siri AirPods command such as “Hey Siri, make the volume louder.”

 I’m experiencing only an AirPods volume issue with my Music app. 

What do I do to correct it? It could be a problem with certain Apple Music app settings. 

Start by opening Settings > Music and make sure that EQ, as well as Sound Check, are off. 

I’m still experiencing issues with the AirPods’ too-quiet sound. 

What do I do? Make contact with Apple Support or make an Apple Store appointment. 

The AirPods might be defective. Be sure to note any troubleshooting methods you’ve attempted. 

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