How to Fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13

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Hulu error messages RUNUNK13 is among the Hulu errors that indicate the service is unable to play the movie or show you have requested. 

The error code is found on Apple devices, such as Apple TV and iPhone. Apple TV and iPhone however they can also be seen on other devices, as well as on the web player. 

What’s the solution? Hulu error code RUNUNK13 appears on Hulu 

If you experience this problem, it’s normal to see messages like the following: 

  • Error playing video 
  • There was an issue with this movie. Try restarting the video or select other videos to watch. 
  • Hulu Error Code: RUNUNK13 

The reason for Hulu Error Codes

The reason of the error message is RUNUNK13. could be 

Hulu errors codes such as RUNUNK13 are shown when you attempt to stream a video or show via Hulu but the streaming player is unable to complete the request. The incorrect data you input or issues with network connectivity or problems with Hulu’s servers may cause the error. 

If you try to stream download Hulu video, Hulu episodes or movies may be damaged. 

In certain cases there may be a problem related to Hulu’s Hulu program or with the player could result in that the player to show Hulu error code RUNUNK13.  

How do I fix Hulu Error Codes RUNUNK13

To fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13 follow the steps in the order below. If Hulu is running at any point it could stop working. 

If you’ve reached the last stage and are receiving the error code, it could be a problem at the hands of Hulu and not you. 

You can refresh the webpage or play the movie once more. 

Most of the time, refreshing the website Hulu website or reversing the page and choosing the video again will eliminate this error.

 If this does the trick and the error doesn’t occur again, the error is gone. 

Try Hulu on a different device or with a different browser to determine if you can tell whether you’re getting RUNUNK13 error is specific to the device you’re using. 

You need to switch to the right device or browser. 

If Hulu isn’t working on one of your devices, or on any of your browsers It could be due to a glitch that you’re unable to resolve. 

Cleanse your Hulu application’s cache and data. The corruption of data is by far the primary reason for this problem so this is a must-do procedure. 

If you’re able clear the cache from your Hulu application. If not, you’ll need to remove and install the application in order to clear the cache. 

It is possible to shut down your device and then restarting it can help. 

  • To use Apple TV: You cannot clear your Hulu cache on Apple TV. Instead, restart your computer by pressing the menu and home buttons simultaneously, and then selecting Option > System > Restart. 
  • On iOS On iOS Go to settings > general > store > Hulu. take out and reinstall the application. Reinstall it using the app store. 
  • on Android On Android You can go into Settings Apps and Security, and then Security. Explore the complete list of applications Storage and Clear the storage, and afterwards clear cache. 
  • For Fire TV, in Settings, select Applications Then Manage installed Applications > Hulu clear information. 
  • Update Your Apple TV and upgrade, or upgrade or update your Amazon Fire Stick. While you’re there, upgrade the application on your Android software or up-date the version of your iOS application. In the event that your app is not up to date, it might display the error code. Reinstall and remove the application to the extent that you need to. 
  • Upgrade Android and look for any iOS upgrade available. When you’ve got the latest software version on your phone, check whether a newer version of Hulu program is in the app store.. 
  • Clear your browser’s cache. If you’re using Hulu on your computer Try clearing the cache of your browser. The cache’s damaged data might hinder you from watching specific episodes or films. 
  • Make sure you update your web browser. When you’re trying update Chrome or upgrade Firefox or another browser, if you’re running an old version, it might prevent the Hulu’s Hulu Web Player from functioning properly. Sometimes, closing down or restarting the web browser can be sufficient, but you could require a more complicated method to implement changes. 
  • Edge updates are compatible with Windows 10, but you can test Chrome Edge. 
  • Restart your device. You must shut down your device completely then start it up. If you’re working with an laptop or computer, ensure that you shut it down in a way that doesn’t allow it to rest. 
  • A few streaming platforms do not come with an option to turn off or restart In this instance, you’ll have to unplug your device’s power source and wait for about one minute before reconnecting. 
  • Verify your connection to the internet. It isn’t always the reason for the problem, but Hulu does require a high speed connection to function properly. If your internet isn’t up to speed, it could create problems when playing back. 
  • Test your internet connection speed using the same device that is showing an RUNUNK13 caution message. If your internet speed is faster than the minimum Hulu requirements , then you’ll be perfectly fine. However, you may experience a network issue that prevents you from connecting to server of Hulu. 
  • Begin to configure your hardware for network. In the majority of cases restarting the entire network hardware will fix connectivity problems. To ensure a successful restart, your modem and router, you must remove the devices from power, and allow them to remain unplugged for minimum 30 seconds or 1 minute. Then, plug the modem to the router and then connect the other devices you have. 
  • Find out if Hulu is down. At the moment, it seems likely that RUNUNK13 error is an indication of a glitch at the end of Hulu’s, not yours. Contact Hulu to verify the issue or investigate social media websites. 
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What happens if Hulu Still Doesn’t Work?

If you’re encountering Hulu error Code RUNUNK13, even though you have completed the steps previously If you don’t see any discussion on the internet regarding an outage.

Hulu might be experiencing a localized issue. If that’s the case it is possible contact them to get all the information required. 


  • What is the error 500? on Hulu? 
  • Hulu error code 500 is an error that occurs on the server which you could encounter when visiting Hulu’s website. Hulu website or using streaming devices for connecting to Hulu. The only way to check is to refresh the page and verify that it’s loaded. Also, ensure that you connect to an Internet connection in good condition. 
  • What does it mean? Hulu error code P-dev320? 
  • Hulu Error code p. dev320 indicates there’s an error in the communication to the Hulu app and/or Hulu Web player and Hulu’s principal Hulu servers. This could be caused by issues in connection on your end and you need to check the internet connectivity. It could be due to an older Hulu application or a problem on Hulu’s end. 
  • What specifically do you mean by Hulu an error 406? 
  • Hulu Error code 406 indicates an issue with the connection. It could be when you’re Hulu application is outdated and out of date and requires an upgrade or you are using the OS of your television needs an upgrade. It could also be that your home’s internet isn’t working correctly, the device you stream from isn’t functioning properly, or that your Hulu application has been corrupted. 

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