4 Best Ways To Turn Flash On or Off on Android

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Most contemporary smartphones flashlight and there is multiple manners to show it on and off. These techniques are baked into the Android, making it only a few swipes away.

Depending on your mobile telephone’s version and software, there may be a more handy manner to start the flashlight on your telephone.



The conventional manner of toggling your flashlight on is through Quick Settings.

Step 1: Swipe down from the top of the show to supply up the Quick Settings icons. You may additionally swipe a second time to view all the options.

Step 2: Find the Flashlight tile and faucet on it to toggle it on. The flashlight wants to begin shining its slight.

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Step 3: Tap the tile all over again to expose the flashlight.


The Quick Settings technique is within reason is reachable and lets you activate your flashlights with only some taps. But, it may not be useful in case your palms are busy. Fortunately, there’s a possibility – ask the virtual assistant for help.

Most Android telephones come with Google Assistant pre-loaded. In case your phone doesn’t have it, you can install it from the Play Store. After that, you’ll want to allow the ‘OK Google or Hey Google’ feature to allow you to awaken your Assistant whilst using the unique key phrases.

‘OK Google’ works even alongside your device locked, but you’ll want to have a device walking Android 8. Zero or later.

After you’ve set up the hotkey, you may ask Google Assistant to show the flashlight arms unfastened.

Step 1: Say ‘Ok Google’ to summon the Assistant for your telephone.

Step 2: The Assistant wants to pop up in your show.

Step 3: Say a few issues like ‘Turn the flashlight on’ or ‘Flashlight on.’

Step 4: The Google Assistant will hold to achieve this. A toggle will appear at the show so that you can flip off the flashlight from there through the manner of the usage of tapping on it. Alternatively, you could look at the commands all over again to say ‘Turn the flashlight off’ as a substitute.


Depending on your cell smartphone version, you would possibly have the selection to reveal at the flashlight the usage of gestures. For example, when you have a OnePlus mobile phone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app in your OnePlus.

Step 2: Tap on Buttons & Gestures.

Step 3: Select Quick Gestures

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Step 4: In the decrease part of the show, pick one of the alternatives that let you draw a letter to trigger a certain motion. You may additionally have your select among O, V, S, M, or W.

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Step 5: Select the ‘Turn on/off flashlight’ alternative, and press decrease once more.

Whenever you draw a V gesture for your display show display screen, your cellular telephone will turn on the flashlight. To turn it off, you’ll want to draw the V gesture once more.

The gestures to be had in your mobile cellphone also can range relying on the smartphone model. For instance, pick Motorola telephones to permit clients to expose their flashlights by shaking the phone in a reducing-like motion.

To see what your telephone gives, go to Settings and look for Gestures. Depending on your model, this selection might be hiding within the System, or it’d have its committed category like on OnePlus telephones.


While there are lots of flashlight apps within the Google Play Store which give greater strategies for turning on your flashlight, you want to continue with care properly here. Don’t move and set up just any app, as many will ask for needless permissions that could negatively impact your privacy or might be riddled with classified ads. The quality component you may do is hold on with one of the conventional methods, but if you want a flashlight app for your cellular telephone (and characteristic the unfastened area for it), hold in mind getting one.


Torchie is an app that lets you permit your flashlight by using pressing your mobile phone’s quantity buttons together.

Step 1: Download the Torchie app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Launch the Torchie app. You can faucet on the huge red button to reveal at the flashlight.

Step 3: Alternatively, toggle on the ‘Torchie functionality’ choice at the pinnacle to allow the capability to show the flashlight on by using pressing at the Volume up and down keys at an equal time.

Step 4: Note that you will need to permit ‘Torchie Quick’ from Accessibility Services so the app can run within the records at the same time as intercepting quantity key presses. That’s all the app asks from you.

Torchia step 3 image
torchie allow image

With the function enabled, all you may need to do to open your flashlight is press both the Volume up and down buttons at the identical time. Turning off the flashlight requires the identical.

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Knowing how to reveal your flashlight fast will prevent you from fumbling in the dark. Just make sure you don’t preserve the light on for too prolonged, or it will drain your battery steeply. Speaking of that, take a look at the excellent practices for a higher smartphone battery lifestyle.

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